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That time of year

It’s that time of year again

Christmas shopping at Goldmark

Santa Carrying Shopping Bags — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

The run up to Christmas. Every year it comes around so fast the orders come in via the shop and website. Special requests done in the shortest time possible. Men seem to leave it to the last minute as always. This year some chaps have surprised us with their requests early which are good. Then we have the shoppers who only shop online ( arm chair shoppers we call them) and only come in-store when they need engraving of adjustments done to their online purchases. Always happy to help but we don’t do it for free even if you got it in china for $4. So this Christmas shop local spend money locally keep people in jobs and keep the local economy going and hopefully we will be around this time next year. D

Freshwater pearls ring

The steps to making a freshwater pearl ring in silver.

The Celtic Tree of Life

Celtic design Tree of Life

We have a large selection of Tree of Life Jewellery at Goldmark its always a popular piece large or small, we can also make custom jewellery from you from your old gold broken earrings rings chains see ones we made with a Celtic design. Yoy can purchase our own design Tree Click here to buy  smaller version

tree of life

Meaning of the tree of life

tree of life

What attracts jewellers? A Jewellers View

Many jewellers wear little or no jewellery.

I myself wear nothing. My training started off in Horology so a nice watch is important to me. But most people who  make jewellery it is not always the possession of the finished piece but the challenge or the thrill of making something that will be admired in the end by the wearer or others who notice it. So how do you become a jeweller. Most people dabble at the start and find that they are drawn to jewellery making, you can work at the kitchen table or on a converted desk in the spare room and it can take off from there and the passion builds up and then further training can be sought via night classes or  a full time course. It can be a full time occupation or part time as with the internet you can sell on Etsy or Ebay or other platforms all while keeping another full time job.
In fact once a stone is cut it takes many different trades to finish a piece of jewellery The Mounter makes the metal section and then the Stone setter sets the stone and then it is passed to The Polisher to give it the final finish but if you have the time and the passion to do al three all the better. My motto keep it in the family.  …..Derek
Handmade at Goldmark Carlow

Silver band with gold domes

Handmade Gold ring

Gold Smokey Quartz ring

Handmade at Goldamrk Carlow

Silver and goild Kettle shaped earring

Turquoise ring made at Goldmark Carlow

Turquoise ring all the making of it in different stages

Patterened gold earring made at Goldmark Carlow

Patterened Gold earrings

Handmadse silver ring with Rose Quartz

Rose quartz silver ring

Ruby eyed snake ring

Gold snake ring

Custom made big rings

Recently I have being asked to make bigger rings in silver this required me to carve and shape using jewellers wax to get the desired shapes and size and its easier to work with the customer by showing the wax model before casting in case some changes are needed to be made. One was a warrior mask ring and the other an Amber ring with Celtic design on the sides. As you can see he was delighted with his new bling.

Mans silver ring

Silver handmade warrior ring

Amber Celtic ring

Silver Amber ring

Silver mans ring

Happy man with his new rings

Which is your birthstone?

Which is your birthstone?

Each month have their own unique birthstone.

January has the red Garnet, February has the purple Amethyst, March has two different stones the blue Aquamarine and the green and red Bloodstone.

If you are lucky to be born in April the Diamond is your sparkly birthstone. May has the green Emerald; June has two stones the Pearl and the Alexandrite. July has the red Ruby and August has the green Peridot. September has the blue Sapphire (although sapphire comes in different colours) October has the Opal stone and November has the Yellow topaz or Citrine stone and finally December has the both the Blue Zircom or the Turquoise stone.



The Tree of Life

The Tree Of Life

The Celtic tree of Life is often drawn showing the branches reaching skyward and the roots spreading out into the earth below symbolising the Druid belief in the link between heaven and earth. Trees were an important aspect of Celtic Culture. They provided shelter and food, and warmth through fire wood. This is what I made at the bench. It starts with a drawing and then cut out and a border and solder together and loop added. Its a nice solid sterling silver handmade Celtic Tree of Life pendant can be purchased at our store with nice belcher chain for €130

Celtic tree of life

Celtic tree of life

Silver tree of life









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Garnet Birthstone

January Birthstone – Garnet

Birthstone for January

Giving a piece of jewellery containing a birthstone will bring the wearer good luck and protection. Monthly birthstones symbolize the month of birth according to the Gregorian Calendar. For those who were born in the month of January the garnet is the traditional birthstone. The January birthstone poem reflects some of the properties with which the garnet is associated – purity, truth, faithfulness and friendship. The Traditional Metaphysical Properties for the January Birthstone Garnet are awareness, commitment, regeneration, insight and removing negativity. The healing properties of the January birthstone are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to the blood, heart, lungs and infection.
The Garnet “By her who is this month was born No gem save garnets shall be worn They will ensure her constancy True friendship and fidelity.”

Post Christmas 2016

Christmas has come and gone all the rush to have custom orders ready and “I need it for the 10th of December” When in fact you have it made ready polished and boxed after some late evenings working on it. Then they dont turn up until the 20th. Just a wee grumble on the perils of Christmas. Anyway we had a very busy Christmas 2016 we were asked to make a good few custom orders which is good and keeps me busy. Shop was busy and people were in great festive spirit. So onwards and upwards for 2017. After 25 years in business you can never predict the Christmas shoppers so a big thank you to all who shopped local for Christmas 2016 Christmas2016


Recycling gold

This year we have being busy making custom pieces from customers old gold, They supply the gold, they tell us what they would like and we come up with a design and melt and shape the piece of jewellery reusing stones and any gold left over is given back to be used at another time. this is not  gold buying we redesign your gold for a fee. Contact us on 059 9140122 or fill out the contact form

gold jewellery remodeling

Remake your old gold into something new and more modern