Beast from the east

Beast from the east

With all these wather warnings this week we are expecting the Beast from the east a cold air mass coing over UK and Ireland  called a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW). This refers to a rapid jump in temperatures in the stratosphere (up to approximately 50 degrees Celsius in a couple of days), which can then lead to the onset of cold weather in winter for the mid-latitudes (including Ireland amongst other countries).

The SSW is  basically, a ‘wobbling’ of the jet stream can eventually alter weather patterns in the northern hemisphere by displacing a rotation of very cold air around the north pole called the tropospheric polar vortex.This, in turn, pushes the jet stream further south, leading to the development of a blocking high-pressure system at higher latitudes, which can remain in place for several days or even weeks. The last big freeze was in 2010 and it lasted for several weeks

It was 71 years ago this month when snow began to fall around Ireland, marking the start of an arctic siege that would last months.

So keep the home fires burning

The Tenth green

Carlow Golf Club 1010

Blizzard of 47

Snow drift in Ballaghadereen 1947





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