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hand engraved wedding rings

Hand engraved Celtic Wedding rings

Hand engraved Wedding rings

The wedding season is upon us again brides and grooms are searching for the perfect wedding rings at Goldmark we make and sell Hand engraved wedding rings with a nice Celtic pattern there are a few patterns to choose from also we can set diamonds into rings and shape the rings to suit the bides engagement ring. We can also re-melt your old gold ( grandmas ring ) into a nice hand made wedding ring call us for details Can be made in flat or barrel shaped rings (d shape)

Celtic Histoy

Gold Ogham pendant

Ogham pendant in nine carat gold

Recycled gold Ogham pendant made in Goldmark Jewellers Carlow

Ogham Script pendant

Here in our Carlow shop I have being requested for Ogham jewellery more often. The old Irish script is over 1000 years old and can be seen today on old standing stones around our wee Island with the script carved into them.

So we got this request for a pendant to be made from customers old broken jewellery. The design and style of pendant was agreed. The customer wanted her two daughters names on the piece so I showed her what the names would look like in Ogham script. All the broken jewellery was cleaned and stripped of any catches and pins made of steel and we removed them and melted everything together to remove all the inpurities and then remelted again and then the molten metal was poured into an ingot. I then rolled the ingot of gold into a nice flat smooth sheet metal about 2mm thick.(Its a good heavy bit of jewellery) I then sanded down the sheet into an nice snooth surface and cut to size. Any left over gold was returned to the customer. I suggested we  kept the illusion set diamond from one of the broken rings and solder  it on top of the pendant loop. Then the names in Ogham sript was cut into the pendant and polished and finished. Our customer was delighted with the pendant and wears it with pride while also telling whoever comments on it that she had it made in Goldmark Jewellers Carlow. All advertising is good.

I now plan to make silver matching rings and gold wedding rings photos to follow soon……….



Celtic Wedding Bands

Celtic Wedding Bands

Celtic Wedding Bands

We are experimenting with bi metal celtic wedding bands and we have come up with a few variations. A wave silver band with the wave being copper or rose gold anyway we can experiment some more designs. The other mans ring is a 8 mm wide silver with some nine carat gold tiny Celtic Trinity knots soldered into a triangle the same shape as the knot. It is blackened down to enhance the gold inside the frame. This ring has only 3 knots but more can be added to a special order.

Celtic Wedding Bands

Two tone Ring

Celtic Wedding Bands

Gold and silver Celic ring