Ireland and Brexit

Brexit ireland

Ireland and Brexit

What will happen, will the UK leave or will they decide to stay it’s a 50/50 at this stage. The negotiations continue the sticking point is the border with the republic of Ireland. I am old enough to remember the border checkpoints of the north and south when I worked in Omagh County Tyrone all those years ago. I would get the phone calls towards the end of the week, “Will you get me some wine and beer” and bring it down for me, “No problem was the response” I was a alcohol smuggler back in those days.  So will we head back to the days of manned checkpoints at every border crossing I hope not.

In our business we depend on goods from the UK  like bullion and gemstones which we can have delivered by overnight courier and duty free. Will this change? Will trade slow down due to customs searchs and duty collection on parcels coming from the Uk ?  Online shoppers also face the prospect of duty and VAT  being addaed on the goods they buy from UK or Norhern Ireland websites.

Looking towards the future I think it will be ok then again its unchartered waters.

Long live the smugglers LOL