Celtic Jewellery
Celtic Art
It is in the Irish Isle and the Northern and Western rims of Scotland & Britain that the heritage of the Celts has endured. These are the lands that the Romans did not conquer or where they failed to implant their own culture..In the far West the Celtic culture continued to flourish. The Celts were known not only for their fighting abilities but also for their art. They excelled in metal work as shown in early weapon designs. Their artistic ability and fine craftsmanship are shown in their Ornamental and metal work. After the fall of Rome, Celtic culture flowed back into many regions of Western Britain but Ireland still remained untouched by the Romans with Celtic art and mythology faithfully maintained. With the coming of Christianity, sculptures (stone crosses) were produced depicting early Christian and Celtic designs and in particular manuscripts like “The Book Of Kells”. Inspiration for our jewellery comes from these ancient designs especially the use of flowing knotwork. Many of these designs can be seen today in the many Celtic sites and churches of Ireland. At Goldmark Jewellers Carlow we make and create lots of differnt styles of modern Celtic Jewellery which can be purchased in store or online.

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