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ancient celtic ogham symbolsAnam Cara rings

Gents”Anam Cara” Ogham Gaelic ancient Celtic Ogham symbols ring set


These rings are available as a set and are made in all sizes please specifiy the size, each ring is made to order so it can be customised  It can also be engraved on the inside at no extra cost ( Maximun of 20 characters) Size and engraving can be specified at checkout in  the Additional Information box. The rings are made from 1.5mm thick sterling silver and are 7mm wide so they are good and strong. These rings are not mass produced each one is made by hand and quality is important. Each ring set comes a nice giftbox.

Soul Mate, Anam Cara, Wedding Bands,


Soul Mate, Anam Cara, Wedding Bands,

The Ogham script recorded the earliest Old Irish texts dating between the 3rd and the 6th century CE. Ogham inscriptions are found exclusively in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Mostly they are genealogical inscriptions in the form of “X son of Y” on corners of large stone slabs. After the 6th century CE, Old Irish was written with the Roman alphabet, and Ogham disappeared from general but the knowledge must have been preserved in some form because our knowledge of Ogham comes from the chapter Auraicept na n-Éces in the 15th-century work The Book of Ballymote (Leabhar Bhaile an Mhóta), which also contains geneologies, mythologies, and histories of Ireland.  http://www.ancientscripts.com/ogham.html

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Sterling silver “Anam Cara” Ogham Gaelic ancient celtic ogham symbols same gender ring set