My Soul Mate in Ogham
Anam Caraancient celtic ogham symbols

“Anam Cara” Ogham ring

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The Silver Ogham  Anam Cara band is 6mm wide and has the script cut into it in the form of lines as shown. It is available in all sizes each ring is made to order so it can be customised. Each ring is made from sterling silver 1.5mm thick so its a nice heavy ring. Each ring is handmade to order so evey care is taken in making it as quality is important to us.   It can also be engraved on the inside at no extra cost ( Maximun of 20 characters) Please specify size and engraving required on checkout in the additional information box.


The Ogham script recorded the earliest Old Irish texts dating between the 3rd and the 6th century CE. Ogham inscriptions are found exclusively in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Mostly they are genealogical inscriptions in the form of “X son of Y” on corners of large stone slabs. After the 6th century CE, Old Irish was written with the Roman alphabet, and Ogham disappeared from general but the knowledge must have been preserved in some form because our knowledge of Ogham comes from the chapter Auraicept na n-Éces in the 15th-century work The Book of Ballymote (Leabhar Bhaile an Mhóta), which also contains geneologies, mythologies, and histories of Ireland.


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My Soul Mate in Ogham

Silver Ogham Ring

Sterling silver “Anam Cara” Ogham ring


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  1. 5 out of 5


    Love this ring it has meaning to it and is nice to wear thank you

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