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Custom made jewellery


At the moment the bench is in full swing doing custom work for different people. Well it will keep me busy these winter days. The request we are getting most often is. “Can you melt down my gold and remake it into something else? The answer is “Yes We Can” I don’t use the old gold for casting purposes as it never works out so what I do is clean  remove all the stones and clean again and melt in a charcoal block to remove all impurities and then re-melt again in the crucible and form into sheet or bars whatever is needed to make the new jewellery and then it’s cutting, shaping, forming into something wearable. Some creations are made up of several small shaped bits soldered together so it is time consuming and as we are a business we don’t do the work for free. Its your gold and we just use it to make your new jewellery and anything left over is given back to you to use again. So if you want something handmade for you call in to see us on Tullow Street Carlow

Posted by Goldmark Jewellers Carlow on Thursday, October 22, 2015


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Gold Ogham pendant

Ogham pendant in nine carat gold

Recycled gold Ogham pendant made in Goldmark Jewellers Carlow

Ogham Script pendant

Here in our Carlow shop I have being requested for Ogham jewellery more often. The old Irish script is over 1000 years old and can be seen today on old standing stones around our wee Island with the script carved into them.

So we got this request for a pendant to be made from customers old broken jewellery. The design and style of pendant was agreed. The customer wanted her two daughters names on the piece so I showed her what the names would look like in Ogham script. All the broken jewellery was cleaned and stripped of any catches and pins made of steel and we removed them and melted everything together to remove all the inpurities and then remelted again and then the molten metal was poured into an ingot. I then rolled the ingot of gold into a nice flat smooth sheet metal about 2mm thick.(Its a good heavy bit of jewellery) I then sanded down the sheet into an nice snooth surface and cut to size. Any left over gold was returned to the customer. I suggested we  kept the illusion set diamond from one of the broken rings and solder  it on top of the pendant loop. Then the names in Ogham sript was cut into the pendant and polished and finished. Our customer was delighted with the pendant and wears it with pride while also telling whoever comments on it that she had it made in Goldmark Jewellers Carlow. All advertising is good.

I now plan to make silver matching rings and gold wedding rings photos to follow soon……….



Floating heart ring

Floating heart ring

Floating heart ring

Have being experimenting with some new designs of silver and gold mix jewellery and a popular one for us is this one I call it the floating heart ring. The gold heart sits up inside the dome with an opening on the front and blackened background to give contrast to the heart which seems to float in the air. Handmade in store by Derek This one sells for €100